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Blackjack, also referred to Twenty-one (21), is a thrilling card game between a dealer and several players, where every player competes against the dealer, but not against other players. It’s played with at least one deck of 52 cards and is among the most played casino games in the world today. The aim of the game is to defeat the dealer in any of the following three ways:
•   Get 21 points on your first 2 cards without the dealer getting 21– known as a blackjack or natural blackjack.
•   Hit a final score that is less than 21 but higher than that of the dealer.
•   Let the dealer draw more cards until his hand exceeds 21.

General Impression

By now you know that the aim of Blackjack Card Game is to beat the dealer. This can be achieved by any of the means we have looked above. In this game, you need to decide what to wager on the hand. Add the chips to your bet or even return them to your pile. Once the deal is made, the wager is made and you are provided 2 cards face up and 2 cards are dealt with the dealer, one face down and the other face up.
Then, you must decide whether you will “Double” (double your wager and be given an extra card), “Stay” (keep the hand you have), or “Hit” (pick another card from the deck). Once the Blackjack hand is activated, you can get either of the following outcomes: You can win (get your bet back plus a similar amount from the dealer or 1.5 times for a blackjack), you can lose (dealer will take your wager), or you can push (keep your bet but win nothing).

Positive and Negative Impression

Perhaps the biggest pro of Blackjack Card Game is that there is a wide variation of games and is easily accessible online. The game also offers one of lowest house advantage in this industry.
The major shortcoming of this game is that it offers low payouts – of course, with low house edge the payout will also be low.

History of Blackjack Game Card

Although you can trace the games origin to the French card game, Vingt-et-un, in the 1700s, the game became popular in 1800s after it arrived in America. However, it wasn’t quite popular during this time and casinos had to alter the rules and even pay a 10-to-1 bonus when the players’ 2 cards included spades or a jack of clubs paired and the ace of spades to entice the players.
The modern game derived its name from the combination of cards you need to win the 10-to-1 bonus.

Variations of Blackjack

It’s important for you to note that there are different variations of blackjack. These games have a higher casino edge and thus the possibility of winning bigger prizes. They include Perfect Pairs, Progressive Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, and Blackjack Double Exposure.


Blackjack Card Game is a simple to understand game – it might seem a bit tricky – and most people can start to play within minutes of learning it. By knowing and following a few basic strategy rules, you can improve your game and win big.

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