Birds Slot Review

Short Summary

Name: Birds Slot
Launched: 2016
Software: Betsoft
+First-paced graphics
+Offers lots of payouts
-Slightly volatile at high levels


Birds Slot was launched in 2016 and it resembles the Thuderkick’s Birds on the Wire at first look. That’s because the birds are resting on a wire. Also, the birds come flying onto it and fly away from it, as opposed to spinning on the reels. However, the look and feel of this game from Betsoft software is quite different and its gameplay is also unique.

General Impression

If you do not like funny and cute, fly away and move to the south because Birds Slot is totally packed with amazing 3D animated avian pals, who sits on the wires of an electricity line in the countryside and in the middle of the city (for the base game and for the bonus round respectively).
The game doesn’t feature old-fashioned playing cards icons or even any other customary slot game symbol. Instead, it features 10 different animated birds’ high paying icons, each with its unique colored plumage as well as solo game personality. Additionally, there is a wild, but in line with the game’s theme, this is a beautiful wild bird as opposed to a game logo, capable of changing for all symbols.
Birds do fly away with spins, which is something of an originality for a slot game, while still retaining the 5×3 reel structure. Every time you press the spin button, you will see 15 birds fly in to take their spot on the electricity lines. Instead of electrocuting them, birds offer you a win for any combination of similar birds which rest in the vertical or horizontal line.


Birds Slot plays well on a big screen where you can enjoy the graphics. The birds are all round, quirky, and colorful. They all have a unique character that will make you happy when they appear on the screen. They are also quite cute.
The background sounds and music are airy and light, including sounds of the city, where you will see the birds flying from and to. The game is similar to watching a 3D movie. You will always find yourself glued to the screen.


Birds Slot is run by Betsoft software, one of the leading software on the market today.

Positive and Negative Impression

The most notable positive about this slot is that it features first-rate graphics, has a lot of free spins, has an auto play setting, and offers hundreds of payout.
The major con is that it becomes a bit volatile at higher wager levels.


Birds Slot isn’t a hard slot at all and it is quite entertaining as well as cute and a bit funny due to the birds being quirky. They make you proud when you win and you will surely appreciate their efforts. The game’s wins aren’t life-changing but the development is pretty charming and the play is engaging to ensure that you don’t get a dull moment.

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