Casino Filipino L’ Fisher Hotel

For those that didn’t already know, the Casino Filipino at L’ Fisher Hotel is the most recent PAGCOR type of casino to be opened. However, there was some protest that seemed to be going on with the opening of this casino, meaning that not everyone was thrilled about the opening. The Mayor and a couple of council members did not attend the opening, and that has led many to believe that they did not want the casino to open. Even though Casino Filipino Hotel Bacolod has operated there with any problems for an extended period of time, it seems as though the newer one may have angered some.

Services Provided

This casino had its grand opening on January 8 of 2014. There is street parking available, also, there are conference and banquet facilities available. Everyone will also have access to restaurants with this casino, including the Ripples Restaurant and the Chalet Restaurant, with the price range being around average. Reservations can be made by calling (+6334) 433-3731 loc. 506/533. They are kid friendly, and they have a buffet. Of course, with there being a buffet, they are also great for those that are part of a group.

The hours for the restaurants are pretty good as well. This means that families should have no troubles finding some good food to eat, no matter what the time is or what day of the week it is. Also, the casino itself looks amazing, with decorations that are pretty great to look at.

Final Thoughts on the Casino Filipino L’ Fisher Hotel

The Casino Filipino L’ Fisher Hotel has everyone thrilled, almost everyone. While the casino may have not been thought of as great by many when it first opened, maybe because they liked the old casino, it is certainly becoming a new favorite for everyone who has been able to enjoy it. This casino offers a lot to members, and their restaurants are amazing to eat at.

The only downside about this casino is that the mayor and council members were not wanting it. However, no one can really know the reason behind them not showing up for the opening, and until we do, it seems as though they may have just not been able to make it. All in all, it is easy to see that this place is not just a great stop for everyone, but it is even a great place to take the kids, making it one of the best casinos for families around.

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