Golden Cobras Deluxe Review

Short Summary

Name: Golden Cobra Deluxe
Launched: 2011
Software: Novomatic
+Multiplier effect on free spins
+Lots of free spins
-No progressive jackpot


Golden Cobras Deluxe is a superb Novomatic slot game which was released on 2011 and is playable across different devices. With 10 paylines and 5 reels, you can play with as little as 10p per spin. Cobras feature an Indian theme with snake charmers, fakirs, and gurus on the show. This classically designed slot’s main appeal is the endless Free Spins where you can receive up to twenty-five free spins with multipliers of up to twenty-five times applied when the Guru creates part of the winning combination.

General Impression

Playing this slot is possible by any amount of active lines from the given quantity. The acceptable wager per every line is divided in the range from 4 to a thousand credits. It’s possible to accumulate up to 10 thousands credits per spin. The prize spins, special symbols, the gambling feature, the bonus rounds, and other superb gaming options are available for people playing deluxe video slot.
The main objective of the player is to get the payoff, gathering a combination of like symbols at the active line. These symbols need to drop out next to each other, beginning from the 1st left reel. Only the highest combination by every line provides a win.
To determine you winning in Golden Cobras deluxe, your bet per line is usually multiplied by the sum-index (up to 5000x). All the winnings, charged before the spin, are summarized. Then, you may collect the won cash or bet it in the gambling machine. Finally, you will need to determine the color of the card to double your payoff.
It’s possible to play more than one time in the same round until you receive the maximal limit in the amount of 5 hundred total bets.


To begin, the functions of different elements of the web of Golden slot machine comes in different languages, including captures, dialog windows, and sections. This is a design that has been implemented to ensure that people around the world get easy time understanding the game.
The game also features an auto game mode, an informational line, and some user’s setting with tips about the game. The game has also been designed to ensure that it launches without being downloaded.


The slot machine is powered by Novomatic software. One of the best software in the world today.

Positive and Negative Impression

The main benefits of Golden Cobras Deluxe include free spins, auto play ability, and the multiplier effect on your spins.
The only con you will notice here is that the slot doesn’t offer a progressive jackpot.


Most of the features of Golden Cobras Deluxe slot machine might seem familiar for the players who had the opportunity to go through the game. These include the functions of given symbols as well as particularities of free spins. The game is also colorful and easy to play. You will also get to win big.

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