Plaza Casino at Four Seasons

The Plaza Casino at Four Seasons is run by those at the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. The casino is also connected to the Venetian Macao and Sands Cotai Central that is close to the pedestrian walkways and bridges. Players will also see that they will be able to walk into the Shoppes at Fours Seasons by using the Grand canal Shoppes that are located at the Venetian. There is 260,000 square feet of shopping and all of the shopping that can be done is luxury brand name.

Of course, this casino is the type that mostly caters to those that are high rollers (bigger gamblers) and a lot of the table games that can be found there are meant for the high rollers and the VIP members. However, there are still around 40 table games that are able to be played by everyone else, and there are slots available for everyone as well.

Players will find that there are four luxury villas that are styled similar to a mansion, and they are only available by invite for those that are spending the most money at the casino. Of course, players will notice that this casino is a lot more quiet in comparison to others, mostly because of the crowd that goes there being mostly made up of high rollers. Also, players will see that there are free alcoholic drinks and food available to all players in the casino, and the casino has been said to serve some of the greatest food that can be found in Macau.

Everyone who has played at this casino has stated that it is one of the best and nicest located in Macau. While this casino may not be as big as its competitors in the area, it certainly makes up for the fact with the overall elegance and charm. Players will see that there are 108,000 square feet of gaming space and two VIP rooms that are exclusive. Of course, those rooms include all of the amenities that one would expect them to. The minimum buy-in for Century Oriental room has been said to be around HKD$100,000, and the table minimums can be anywhere between HKD$2,000 and HKD$10,000. However, there does not seem to be any minimum listed. There are ten tables that players will find in each of the VIP rooms. Players should always make sure to ask their VIP host for information on the minimum expected play volume for going into one of the private rooms.

Final Thoughts on Plaza Casino at Four Seasons

The Plaza Casino at Four Seasons is an amazing casino. Honestly, it is perfect for high rollers, but it may seem a bit much for those that are not willing to spend much money on games. This is mostly because a lot of the games, except for the slots, are made specifically for the high rollers. However, there are a lot of great features included with this casino, and it is easy to see why so many have fallen in love with it.

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