Sic Bo

For those that weren’t aware, Sic Bo is a type of unequal game of chance that is played using three dice. This game is also known by many different names, including tai sai, dai siu, and hi-lo, it is also of ancient Chinese origin. Players might also recognize this game as being similar to Grand Hazard or Chuck-a-Luck, but these are both games that come from English origin. Also, when translated into English, the name of this game means precious dice, while when translated into English dai siu means big or small.

This game is a type of casino game, and is very popular throughout Asia, and can be found in many casinos in the Macau area. Players from the Philippines play it as Hi-Lo. This game was first introduced to the US by some Chinese immigrants during the 20th century, and it is now able to be found within many of the casinos around America. Ever since May 13, 2002, this game has be able to be played legally in casinos that are licensed within the UK.


For this game, players will play by placing their bets on specific areas on a table. After this has been done, the dealer of the game will then pick up a small container that has the dice, and they will then close and shake the

How Similar is This Game to Craps?

Sic Bo happens to be one of two games within the world of casinos that involves using dice, with the other game being Craps. Of course, this game is strictly a game of chance, simply because every roll of the dice made can equate to a win or a loss for any bet that has been made. However, in the game of Craps, players will notice that some of the bets will require specific rolls before they are able to turn into the winning or losing bet, and that means that the game requires some strategy.

Different Versions of The Game

As mentioned before, Grand Hazard is a type of game coming from English origin, and it is also one that is played using three dice. With this game, players will find that the dice are tossed using either a cup, or they are rolled down a chute that has a combo of inclined planes, aka the hazard chute.

Then there is Chuck-a-Luck, played in the US as well, and it is very similar to Grand Hazard. With this game, three dice are kept in a device that is very similar to a bird cage. During the game, players will watch as the dealer rotates the cage, and the dice will land on the bottom. However, this game usually only comes with the single-number wagers.

Final Thoughts on Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fantastic game of luck, and it can be played by anyone. This game can be found in many casinos around the world, and is probably one of the most fun games where money can be won.

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